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Loree Bischoff - Common Sense Happiness

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There is No Good Reason to Spend the Rest of Your Life

Feeling Mad, Unfulfilled, Grumpy and Upset

Are you tired of riding the emotional roller coaster? If you find yourself constantly whining, bitching, and complaining, it’s a signal that you are unhappy….and that’s not a good place to be.

When you are unhappy, nothing seems to go your way.  You feel

• exasperated
• lost
• frustrated and stressed
• under valued and
• stuck

Other people are constantly getting on your nerves and you wonder why your life is so much harder than others. You feel like a supporting cast member in someone else’s life.

That's no way to live.



Life is both too long and too short to be
anything less than 
what YOU want it to be.

Guess what?

You don’t have to be chronically unhappy any longer!

Announcing….a brand new book that will change your life….


Common Sense Happiness:
5 principles for people who want to
stop whining, bitching, and suffering

By Loree Bischoff


Paperback: 110 pages

Love Your Life Publishing

(October, 2011)

ISBN: 978-1-934509-42-5



"A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty."
-      Winston Churchill

Life is hard sometimes. Bad things happen to good people.  Yet, while you can’t control what happens to you, you can control how you FEEL and RESPOND to your life.

When you read Common Sense Happiness, you discover simple tools and strategies to help you become happy and stay that way.

In fact, if you follow Life Coach Loree Bischoff’s down-to-earth 5 Life A-Mazing Principles, you will be able to sail through your life happily, no matter what outside events occur.

family-sunsetIn this straight-forward, clear, and honest guide, you’ll feel as though Loree is sitting right beside you, giving you the tools you need to:

  • Find the sweet spot in you life where you can be happy
  • Discover how to get control of your emotions so the good ones are running the show
  • Learn how easy it is to make choices that lead to more happiness
  • Break free of the frustrations that plague you
  • Use tools you already possess to cultivate the peace and happiness you desire

What would it be worth for you to be able to deal with virtually any situation that life puts in your way, from a place of happiness and peace?

This book will quickly empower you to take the steps you’ve been hesitating to take and make the changes you’ve been procrastinating about! 



photo-hulk-hoganThe choice for happiness is yours

“Read this awesome book. Follow the five simple principles and apply them to your life. No matter who you are or what challenges you face, this book will help you move past negativity and move into the beautiful life you deserve.

The choice for happiness is yours…Whatcha gonna do?”

From the foreword by Terry ‘Hulk Hogan’ Bollea 


photo-kc-millerDon’t open this book unless you are ready to step up

“Wow, what a wonderful book! At first glance Common Sense Happiness appears to be a simple book filled with no-nonsense reminders of how to create your own happiness. The power of the book, though, is in the delivery. Loree has such a compelling, conversational way to help you to see the truths you have known all along, but may have forgotten or talked yourself out of doing.” 

As you read the book, you will feel like you have a powerful life coach sitting right next to you, ready to meet you where you are and committed to supporting you into YOUR own personal definition of happiness. Loree could be described as an ‘in-your-face-hold-nothing-back’ kind of coach. The same can be said of her book; when Loree invites you to ‘Stop whining, bitching and suffering’ she means it. Don't open the cover of the book unless you are ready to step up to a new level of self-discovery and self-commitment.”

~KC Miller, Founder/Director, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts


You can do more than you realize 

Happiness is important.

Our world is filled with two kinds of people:

  • Those who are crabby, unfulfilled, bitter, and angry   AND
  • Those who are happy, peaceful, joyful, and courageous

Just think about how much more harmony, peace, and contentment there could be in the world if more people discovered how to be happy……

It starts with you!




photo-kurt-divichIt's a must read...

Like Loree, Common Sense Happiness is a vivacious, straight-forward, and ultimately charming offering. The book gives the reader unvarnished life instruction that is specific, useful, and practical. It's like sitting down for coffee with someone you've known your whole life. It just so happens that this person is really good at giving you a real pathway through better choices, optimism, and motivation. It's a must read for the person who needs a significant life-change and the highly successful person looking for more balance.”  

~Kurt Divich, Author of "Lords of Las Vegas"

photo-debbie-lebsockThis book changed my life

“I never grew up with much self-confidence, if any at all. I was constantly told I wouldn’t amount to much, just like my dead-beat father, so it was easy to assume that role growing up. I was always trying to be funny or getting into trouble to get the attention I needed to validate that I was somebody.

I learned to judge at a very early age because that’s what I thought other people were doing to me. As an adult I would hang with the I-don’t give-a-crap and do-whatever-you-want group

Many things in my life have changed since I began applying the principles in Common Sense Happiness.

I now own my life and am extremely proud of the woman, mother and grandmother I have become. I’ve learned the old tapes running in my head can be changed for the better and I live in a much more acceptable state of mind with a lot less fear and more excitement of what’s next. I feel more courageous and more determined to live this life to the fullest with no fear.”  

~Debbie Lebsock, business owner


photo-richard-seamanAn easy, charming, direct approach to loving your life

“Loree has created an easy, charming, direct approach to loving your life and creating happiness, no matter who you are or where you are in your life. Loree took 5 simple principles one by one and then introduced new thoughts to drive them home in an honest, colorful, fun and exciting read. No matter where you are in your life, you will find many nuggets and jewels to ponder and chew on in Loree's Common Sense Happiness book.

As I was reading, I kept thinking of all the clients and students who can benefit from Loree’s book. You will too!”

~Richard Seaman, Master Life Coach, teacher, speaker, and Founder of Seattle Life Coach Training, and author of the books It’s All in the Sharing and Spiritual Reliability



photo-yvonne-mcfaddenSnatched in the collar by life

“After reading Common Sense Happiness and Loree's 5 Life A-Mazing Principles, I felt like I had been snatched in the collar by life. The KISS factor slowed me to a pace to ponder, go within, and truly visit my deepest wishes.

Loree, you are right on with ‘life is both too long and too short to be anything less than what you want it to be.’ Thank you for assisting me in peeling another layer off and seeing myself with new eyes.”

~Yvonne "Jett" McFadden, ABR SFR eCertified Realtor


photo-dr-sam-watersInspirational and motivational

“Common Sense Happiness is a great read. It is inspirational and motivational as well as filled with simple solutions, which will make you feel good about yourself and your life. Everyone should read this book and create a more positive outlook!"

~Dr. Sam Walters NMD,  Naturopathic Medical Doctor,
Founder/Director of WellSpring Clinic


photo-dr-sam-watersInspirational and motivational

"In the fall of 2011, I was blessed to have had the spirit that is Loree Bischoff come into my life at a time when many things in my life were unclear, especially my health. The Universe gave me the nudge to read "Common Sense Happiness," which provided me some excellent tips to begin transforming my life and to give me the courage to move forward on my path when I did not think that was humanly possible.

Fast forward over three years later, 100 pounds lighter, being in the greatest health of my entire life, and acknowledging that the key to my happiness comes from turning inward, I now know why God told me to keep Loree's book. Despite releasing the majority of my material possessions that no longer served me, "Common Sense Happiness" was always been my side.

I now read Loree's words from a different perspective and see the world with much clarity. There is no reason to be lost, scared, afraid, or alone. Peace is possible. It comes through nurturing yourself, forgiveness, and trusting the process that is life.

Thank you Loree for being one of my most beautiful teachers on my journey of self-love. Happiness does not come external validation or outside sources, it comes from your soul. "Common Sense Happiness" can inspire you to realize that beauty, the magnificence that is you, just as it did for me."

~John Masiulionis - President of Empowered by John,
Soul Luminous Radio Co-Creator, Co-Host, & Social Media Director

Gives a simple path to conquer any problem

“As the leader of a women’s fundraising group, I found Common Sense Happiness enlightening, useful, and very uplifting. It gives the reader a simple path to follow that helps one make positive decisions. This book will delight you while leading you to very productive solutions for whatever problems confront you. Loree Bischoff will help the reader define and conquer any problem that comes along."

~Helene Tobias, Board Member/Past President, AFI Associates


Deep Wisdom from the ages with a modern twist

“Loree Bischoff gives us some sound threads of happiness that we can all use to weave and add beauty in our tapestry of life. In her book “Common Sense Happiness,” Loree gives her five “life a-mazing” principles to let happiness be a quiet flow of contentment, and an expanded part of your daily awareness. Loree shows how to cultivate the intention of happiness so it threads through you increasing acceptance and love."

~David Bennett author of Voyage of Purpose




  • A refreshingly simple and logical process for creating an amazing life filled with peace, happiness and freedom!
  • Optional exercises to aid you in evolving to your next great phase
  • A new perspective on how you think about and treat your life


It’s time for you to enjoy your life and live it fully. 

Common Sense Happiness will show you how.


"Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed until it is faced."
-      James Baldwin

For private coaching information go to www.loreebischoff.com